Welcome to [IPSUM.BLUE],  
the content container of Art Blue. [IPSUM.BLUE] is mapped to IPSUMBLUE.COM.

After Google has changed settings in Google Chrome I had to act. On July 1st, 2018 I started to create a content engine where in time all my documents will be hosted. The idea for a certified and secure central content storage I had 20-years ago, called it Produktspeicher [productstorage]. We started the webproject at the Chamber of Commerce in Leipzig, but after a management change the idea was no longer supported and finally I got the domain back.

IPSUMBLUE.COM is a wildcard SSL-server using WordPress opensource, hosted by BLUEHOST. All QR-Codes and subdomains created after July 1st, 2018 will have an an SSL-tag and the shortlinks will therefore not be flagged by Google. If you get a warning for one of my old shortlinks like http://as5.1biennale.org then you may just ignore it. They are all save. I don’t want to extend this theme here. For the ones interested in I created an extra page and called it SSL is Nice.

Feel free to test it right now. Here the link to the subdomain b3i1.ipsumblue.com, which is SSL-certified. The link goes to the regular WordPress page within   -> https://ipsumblue.com/ssl-is-nice/

IPSUMBLUE.COM shall become the main source to find things where Art Blue is interested in or other protagonists, like the Green Kangaroo, are involved in. Tests will show if a 301-forwarding from subdomains by – let’s take an example – xyz.ipsum.blue will work and get the Google Chrome SSL-tag. A wildcard certificate, which costs 100,00 Euro per year, would be the alternative.

Please use the SEARCH function if a link seems broken and you don’t get the content you are looking for immediately.