ATIS was founded in 1992 by Christoph Wiesner in Fürth/Germany and stands originally for Advanced Training Interactive Systems. After Reiner Schneeberger entered as Head of Education in 2001 [at the new locations Leipzig and Freiberg] the School of Media was founded. Based on concepts he developed in his youth at the Faculty of the Arts Munich and later performing seminars licensed by the German Society for Quality [DGQ] the school got listed as an Educational Entity. There are tons of publications you will find if you google for the keywords: computer minimal art, Immersivia, Art Blue. It might be more fun to read his memoirs, published at Amazon: The Gods of Informatics. After the internet made its way as the main platform for education and training ATIS founded an open network and the story continues …

[historical screenshot of 2001]

You may use for joining one of the educational programs, best via the linking cluster VISIT – Network for integrated higher education and training. VISIT runs, based on a grand by Stiftung Kunstinformatik [Programmed Art Foundation], the Digital Biennale for the Arts. To contact ATIS email works best:

ATIS.EDU is a member of the Biennale Institute Network. We provide for this network Screenshare via Screenleap. This system works like a living interactive webinar. It was first used by the Hypergrid Safari visiting 1Biennale sandbox via Avatars staying inside Metropolis grid [Februrary 2018].

By following the links you may have found out that there is also FREIBERG.EDU. Historically both entities are close to each other. Right now it might be not easy to catch the connections, so I skip it. By reading The Sand Bible you will get some ideas and by following the research of Sims Bainbridge you will see that these ideas are not just fiction made for years to come so far in the distance that no one of us will ever experience the change.

I met Sims Bainbridge at the National Science Foundation [Washington] in 2016. The NSF carries the slogan: “Where discoveries begin.”

Let me copy a few lines from the Sand Bible where CyberXstrike is mentioned:

“Now to the last prediction, that that Grandmother will become God. The chapter’s name in the book The Gods of Informatics is Holly Moon in the Sphere. The prediction is based on the early methods of Personality Capture and Simulation which have been developed by Prof. Sims Bainbridge between 2000 and 2014.  That CyberXstrike is the first human Goddess in the servers is quite commonly known, at least for the admins at NGA running Holly Moon. I think this fact is right now leaking out, so I can end this point. The chapter was even published in the web. A fair deal to use a smart search engine if you get to know this story.”

This links to The Gods of Informatics, where you will find:

“The Alert

The oldest human being in the servers calls for support – or was it the server calling? At least we all know her display name: CyberXstrike. Everyone knows it is Khristiana Rae-Scheidner. She was the first one who completed the questionnaire that Prof. Sims Bainbridge set up. One segment of his data is set as the prediction for the year 2100. About 15,000 questions, each of them Khristiana must score as “if they are likely to happen or not” and “how much relevance they are for her”. The score values that she sets in place as her personal choice have been the input to the neuronal matrix of the SB simulator. The SB simulator runs in a virtual machine; quite understandable, as the SB technology is now outdated. CyberXstrike is sponsored by the avatar heritage act. She can play herself in the way she was once copied. The procedure was called, “Personality Capture and Emulation.” The book by Sims Bainbridge carries this title. CyberXstrike needs no sponsor, no advertising to be kept alive, nothing. She just exists.”

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