Hypergrid Radio

What about marketing of ? In Privacy Policy I say No tracking, No Pings. It shall be on you to notice my doings. Roy Ascott told me that he gets posts in facebook only from friends when the person has commented at least once in his posts. Fb changes its algorithm. So please send a “Hi” to Art Blue aka ERVARE [=Reiner]  in facebook.

A radio stations came up in my mind for marketing and to keep you tuned in: HYPERGRID.RADIO

The radio is fully licensed. It runs in the 2-dimensional internet and in the n-dimensional Metaverse. Why n-dimension? That’s the name Hypergrid gave it. Hypergridders can jump from one Metaverse to the next if hypergridding in the server settings of opensimulator is enabled. Because the radio runs, as I said also in the internet, my real name and address have to be shown. Feel free to use the stream and make requests. Tell me what program you have in mind.

You wonder on my Press card? I studied [among other fields] Political Science and became a member of the Press long ago, published on CNN iReports until the service ended in 2016. I am legally protected for my press related work by Ver.di.