I love the song by KOSHEEN and the MESSAGE: I HIDE YOU

On my nearly endless list of what I would do if I would have more time there is I HIDE YOU. To HIDE YOU in the server of the Draft Universe. HIDE MY ASS you may know as an IP changer. I HIDE YOUR ASS might be a second meaning in the story. To make you untraceable. Not even a smart Cookie will find you. You ask not even The Cookie that is inside the story of rez Magazine [August 2018]?

Who knows? At least the domain IHIDEYOU.COM I don’t hide to have, so a book with this title stays an option.

I’ll keep you in safety forever protect you
I’ll hide you away from the world you rejected ~ Kosheen

Maybe all I will manage is to write a short story for rez Magazine. I hope I get permission by Kosheen to reprint the lyrics as part of the story.

Sadly the original Soundtrack is now blocked in many countries. I offer a recording of one of Kosheen’s last performances …

I HIDE YOU is part of Avatarkunst: THE TRUE ME project …

You think you found THE TRUE ME about I HIDE YOU by using EASY COUNTER? Don’t believe anyone except Art Blue.

[Screenshot taken on 2018-07-26]

Enter ihideyou.com and become a PURE Believer in Art. I HIDE YOU.