Asking me what stands in the center of all my stories, the ones I have written, the ones I have in mind, the ones told in all the art I created, collected, promoted and conserved then the answer is it is ABOUT TIME. UNLIMITED TIME for things and thoughts we created and others created in the past. That everything was already told is a fiction I support. This fiction seems to become reality, step by step. The servers catch everything, store everything for an UNLIMITED TIME. The owl, the artificial intelligence Neruval, and his friends shall work out ways that the artworks made at the beginning of the Digital Anthropocene will be kept forever. That is why we need to create AIs, sitting on our shoulders keeping the worlds we created alive. But that is the future, after the time span we see now …

“The source of user-created creativity is Second Life, running since 2003. Second Life was the very first engine giving us the capabilities to create immersive interactive art experiences. That’s why we need opensimulator which runs the same way.” ~ Art Blue at the Grand Opening of 1Biennale announcing a project to bring a conservation copy of 1Biennale to Unity, an engine used by over 1.3 million developers.

INFINITE TIME is the translation of tempore immenso that Cicero used for a great length of time. He does not believe in time never ending. 

Quarum quidem rerum eventa magis arbitror quam causas quaeri oportere. … Observata sunt haec tempore immenso et significatione eventus animadversa et notata … hoc sum contentus quod etiamsi quomodo quidque fiat ignorem, quid fiat intelligo.
[I think it is better to inquire to the results of such things rather than their causes. … These things have been observed for a great length of time and have been noticed and recorded. … I am content that, although I don’t know by what means something happens, I understand that it does happen.]
Cicero De Divinatione 1.

from: Various Thoughts on the Occasion of a Comet
by Pierre Bayle

When you find this logo then you might be directed to this page. Remember Cicero.

The reason might be that you run on an Ad and wonder why. I posted in 1Biennale, which is the first conservation of Digital Art being presented at Santorini Biennale, Greece 2018.

There are other wonders in the worlds of informatics, staying in the hidden, giving you wrong traces. BIG STUFF! Who do you think you are, Mr. Big Stuff?

I know I need to keep my lesson flat and easy going. Let me take you to CNN. Social Media, You Know. Enter – as a test that right now [2018-08-14] it works:


You shall see this screen — without the yellow box [click to enlarge, if you don’t see]

CNN stopped updating the page in 2014. I will stay forever on 1,760 page views! That is FAKE NEWS! It is museal conservation, I shall say. Read the Sand Bible and see Why our world is full of mysteries you sadly [or luckily] believe.