VISIT 1Biennale

VISIT is a non-profit umbrella organization supporting Digital Arts & Informatics. The funds come from its members and from the Foundation Stiftung Kunstinformatik [Programmed Art].

VISIT initiates and manages PROJECTS with an educational aspect using state of the art technology. That’s why I want to keep this entry short. Each project has its own site.

The biggest project of VISIT is 1Biennale. It runs from 2017 until 2021. The project page is It is hosted on a free WordPress account for a reason. So many web pages dry out over time. The best example is CNN iReport.

1Biennale 2018: Pavilions and Artist Cubes inspired by the concept of the first Biennale in Venice 1894.

1Biennale 2020: A Living Door inspired by Marina Abramovic‘s and Ulay‘s performance Imponderabilia in Bologna 1977.

In  you find some references to projects run by VISIT. Just use the SEARCH function.